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Your Web Reputation

1 Dec

This was posted by Michael Gray from I thought I would pass it on. Some really good stuff!!

I have been reading “Trust Agents” by Smith & Brogan. I came across this acrostic in the book and having looked at it could not help adding the H to make Christ. Working under an acrostics nut in Dr. Love I was driven to add to the already great acrostic. I think the idea applies to more than just social media.

The TRUST Formula
(C x H x R x I)/S=T

• C=Credibility
Online integrity-You are who you say you are. Do you live in credibility online? Are you as good as you say you are or better? Prove It! Under promise and over deliver. From “If you mess up remember the 3 A’s: Acknowledge, Apologize, Act”.
• H=Help
Be a resource provider. If someone mentions a need you can help with, or you can resource, do it. The newest online tool, or something more substantial builds trust. Look for opportunities to help build your trust level with others.

• R=Reliability
The more you show up on time the more people trust you. Every time you do what you say you will do people give you another level of trust. Failure is the area that chips away at your trust level.
• I=Intimacy
One of the most powerful emotional factors is trust. Are you relational in your social networking? Do people feel comfortable around you? Can they tell you a secret?
• S=Self-Oriented
Are you selling yourself or your brand all the time or promoting others? From “Promote others 12 times as much as yourself or your company”.

From the Books “Trusted Advisor” 2001; “Trust Agents” 2009
Additions by Michael Gray


Help! I’m A Small Group Leader!

11 Sep

Author: Laurie Polich
Publisher: Youth Specialties
Pages: 115 plus some small group lessons
Level: Easy Read
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Thoughts: Some really great stuff in this book for those looking to start a student small group. This would be an excellent prerequisites to finding leaders for your small groups.

The book breaks down different leadership styles, groups styles and dynamics, and different types of students you will encounter. Filled with some great ideas this book is a must read for those looking to lead a small group.

99 Thoughts for Youth Workers

18 Aug

Just finished this larger than a leaflet, and smaller than a book goldmine! Can’t really write too much of a review on this, otherwise it might be bigger than the book(?) What I can tell you is that it is a must read for every youth worker, green and seasoned. Made me wince, smile, and laugh.
Get it today!!!

99 Thoughts for Youth Workers

23 Jul

I can’t wait to check out Josh Griffin’s new book!! Josh is a youth ministry, dare I use the word…Guru. lol I have learned a lot from this guy, I hope that you will too. Josh is the High School pastor at Saddleback Church in Foothills Ranch California. He is the real deal. You can follow Josh’s blog at

Catch him on the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast

You can purchase the book HERE

ReFUEL- An Uncomplicated Guide to Connecting with God. By Doug Fields

22 May

I just finished this book, and must say that Doug has done it again! Although there is nothing new to what he is teaching, Doug has a way to make it fresh, and understandable, through his own transparency.

In this book Doug talks about setting attainable goals, to connect with God daily. Many of us have said this is the year that we will read the Bible from front to back, only to fail a few weeks later. (I know I have tried many times) What about having a quiet time, or a time of prayer daily? (Again I fall short).

Doug’s uncomplicated method of connecting with God, is so easy, even a Youth Pastor can do it!