Youth Ministry Stuff

Favorite Sites:

Simply Youth Ministry – Simply everything you need!

Dare2Share – For all of your evangelism needs! Sign up for Culture Commission

Got Questions – Type in any question, and receive feed back with scripture to back it up. Way cool, and has saved me many times with tough ?’s

Youth Leaders Coach – Great spot for games, lessons, skits and more!


Dropbox – FREE file sharing. Great for sharing documents, lessons etc with others

CPYU – Center for Parent/Youth Understanding- a wide range of topics like cutting, drinking, media and more

Tuggle – Track students, attendance, polls, email, text all in one site. Best of all students can sign themselves up!

Poll Everywhere – Students can text in answers to question, you can use it in Power Point too, for live interaction!

Vimeo – Upload videos- MUCH better than using YouTube.

YouVersion – Great Bible tool, reading plans to your cell or laptop, study scripture in different versions side by side.

Shutterfly – Store your pictures/share/order prints and more!

RockYou – Create slide shows for your website

Blog’s to Follow:

Volunteer Youth Ministry 

More Than Dodge Ball

Student Ministry


TokBox – Hold online team meetings video/audio/chat also email video messages to leaders/students

Simply Txt – Who doesn’t txt? LOL Students sign up or you can enter them,  and send individual or group texts!

Twitter – Connect in short updates to team/students/friends via phone or computer

Facebook – If you are not on FB, its time. Enough said!

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