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HSM Summer Camp ’09

22 Dec

HSM Summer Camp ’09 from Alive Fusion on Vimeo.

Last Summer HSM at Alive Church went to Prescott Pines in Arizona, for camp, here is the video from that week! To see pictures, visit us at Fusion select Media, Photo, and see if you recognize anyone! Looking forward to going again next year!


JHM Summer Camp 09

22 Dec

Summer Camp 09 JHM from Alive Fusion on Vimeo.

Great time at UCYC a camp up in Prescott Pines Arizona. This camp was awesome, low cost, activities included, and an incredible message. Can’t wait for next year to do it again!! For photos of the camp visit our website Fusion click on Media and Photos, maybe you will see someone you know!

Camp Reunion

6 Aug

Tonight’s Camp Reunion had a great turn out. It was so much fun watching the students see themselves on screen, and cheering on their friends. The video was a little too long, but there was just so much good footage, and I wanted to get every student some air time.

We played a couple of camp games: Mystery Canned Food, and Snooter Shooter(Skittles shot from the nostril for distance.) The games were a hit, what made them fun was some of the parents were contestants. We gave away the One Minute Bible to the students who played the games.

Being sick is no fun; being sick and trying to speak is the worst! I am not even sure I made sense tonight lol So glad I have some awesome people to do ministry with.

HSM Summer Camp Prescott Pines ’09

1 Aug

HSM Summer Camp Prescott Pines ’09

We made it back, tired, bruised, but triumphant! The week was won by the orange team, Alive HSM! It was so incredible to see God moving among the students and leaders at camp. Sharing hopes, dreams, and fears. One student came to Christ, and 8 others rededicated themselves to living for Him!!! I got to pray and cry with some students, and hear how God was speaking to them.
Our speaker was awesome check him out on his Facebook John Heston He really spoke to the students with stories, and some interactive lessons. One of the best nights was the worship night. Students were not to talk, but were offered many different ways to connect with God. Writing their sins in the sand, and whipping them away, writing a letter to God. Through art, reading about the death and resurrection of Jesus, and praying with their leaders. Such an incredible time.
Thank you to all the leaders who gave their time to come and show the love of Christ to these students. You made a difference, and I could not do this thing called youth ministry without you!

Things I Should Have Brought To Camp!!

20 Jul

After heading out to my first summer camp since I was in junior high, I realized that there were a few thing that I should have brought! I hope this helps leaders and students to have a better experience at camp.

* Flat Sheet- It was way too hot to sleep in a sleeping bag, and the plastic mattress stuck to my skin, and felt like it was ripping it off every time I rolled over. It also made a horrible noise!

* Fan- No AC, and no air circulation! Ugh….enough said.

* Camelback Water System- This frees up your hands, and allows for some storage. Much better than a water bottle.

* Several Pens- I lost mine on the first day!

* Medical Kit- We had a student get something in his eye, when the camp councilor opened the medical kit, his words were,”Well this is useless!” Camp games seem to be of a “rough” nature, we had many cuts and scrapes. Band-aids, Band-aids, Band-aids!

* Backpack- For off-site adventures.

* Spray Sunscreen- Much easier than lotion, or getting burned.

* Air freshener- Teenage boys….enough said!

* Sun Glasses Keeper- (not sure what they are called) That way you don’t lose them!

* More- Socks, Underwear, Bandannas, cash.

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JHM Camp Rewind

18 Jul

We made it back, everyone accounted for, and very few injuries. 6 days in Prescott at UCYC. What a great experience! Rock climbing, paint balling, zip-lines, games, music by DSM, and of course some incredible messages. Josh Finklea had some incredible stories, and really connected to the students where they were at. One of the messages that really seamed to touch students hearts was,”You are Beautiful, you are Dirty, and you are Loved.”

You are Beautiful- In today’s society, it is hard for young women, and men to accept that they are beautiful. It’s not something that they hear everyday, for some it may be something they have never heard before. God created us, as beautiful creations. Matt. 10:29-31

You are Dirty- We are all dirty, covered in sin. We get ourselves into messes, and then try to cover them up. Josh told a story about taking his dad’s Bronco when he was 14 years old. He ended up trashing it, not wanting to face the music, he stayed out until it got dark. When he decided to go home, he saw his mom and dad sitting on the couch, angry. When he walked in the door, he saw his 16 year old brother getting read the riot act! Josh walked right by and went to bed! 20 plus years later Josh confessed to everyone at Thanksgiving that he was the driver! The point being, we can make huge messes of our lives.

You are Loved- God created us to be with Him. He created us because He loved us, when we sinned, and broke the rules, He sent His only son to pay the price for our sin. No matter where we have been, or what we have done, God still loves us. He still wants us to come home, He wants to forgive us just as in the story of the Prodigal Son. Luke 15:11-32

During our quite times, and group times we took a look at the life of David. Students identified with David’s story. Some really great conversations happened in our group times.

The one question that hit home with all of the students was,”Are you a Fan or Follower of Jesus?” You can be a fan of a sports team. Know their stats, watch the games, buy the clothing. But when they disappoint you, you stop being a fan. Your support of the team is dependant on how they are performing, or how they make you feel. Many of us do that with Jesus. We believe in Him, we praise Him in the good times, but when He fails to meet our expectations, we push Him away. A follower is one that says, I will praise you no matter what. I will follow you even if you don’t meet my expectations.

When asked, 4 students said they were just checking out the whole God thing. They were on the outside looking in. 8 of them admitted to being more of a fan than a follower. All of them wanted to take steps to move to the next level. Although no decisions for Christ were made, the 4 students are going to continue to investigate Jesus! The 8 students are going to take steps to become followers and not fans.

In all it was a great camp experience. Hanging out and getting to know that students was an awesome way to integrate into a new church. I am loving my Alive family, and look forward to the HSM Summer Camp in one week.

August 5th parents and students please come to our camp reunion at 7pm at the Oro Valley Campus. Come check out what happened at camp, and see what is in the future for the students at Alive.