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Happy Mother’s Day…Should be called I’m Sorry Mom Day

9 May


My Story…

28 Apr

One of the My Story testimonies from Fusion. Shared by a good friend. The girl who wrote this in a safe place now, and following Christ!

Why I Love My Pastor

8 Apr

This is a clip of the closing announcements the weekend before Easter. Jim is our campus pastor at Alive Church, a mentor, friend, and boss. Jim is a big teddy bear with a HUGE heart…Did I mention that he is hilarious!? Check out this video, I hope it brightens your day. Love you Jim!!!

Awesome Team

3 Apr

Last week I got to see one of my students in the play Tom Sawyer, a production of Christian Youth Theater. The cast was composed of the theaters 8-13 year old group, who did an awesome job on this musical classic. Katherine Phillips played the widow Douglas, a sweet Christian woman who looks after Huckleberry Finn. Katherine’s facial expressions, acting ability and vocals blew me away! Look out Broadway, this young lady has skills!

3 of our leaders showed up to watch Katherine’s play! We hadn’t planned it, but what a surprise!!! I was completely blown away they entered the theater one by one. Another of our leaders attended earlier in the week. 4 leaders plus myself! Thank you God for such an awesome team!

Is Your Senior Pastor Like This?

1 Apr

Posted: 01 Apr 2010 04:24 AM PDT- Perry Noble

Brad Cooper is our student pastor here at NewSpring Church…and is one of the most gifted/anointed leaders on the planet.  Since he has been with us our student ministry has grown from about 125 to over 1,000 kids every weekend…and the number of committed, sold out volunteers has multiplied dramatically.

Anytime people hear about what is going on in our student ministry they always ask me, “So, what did you do?”  It’s pretty simple…

#1 – I hired a leader, someone I could trust, someone I would not have to stand beside and make decisions for.  (Some pastors won’t do this because they need to be needed!)  AND…I made sure he was able to assemble the team he wanted around him…I did not hire for him!

#2 – I made sure he was resourced.  We don’t do car washes or bake sales…and we never have.  I’ve read that over 85% of the decisions to follow Christ happen before the age of 18…if THAT ISN’T a ripe mission field then I don’t know what is.  Churches don’t make the senior adults do a bake sale if they want to go somewhere…why in the heck do they make the students do it?  (By the way…it’s ALWAYS been this way, so please don’t email me with, “What did you guys do when you were small?”  We took care of our students…period!) Continue reading

You’re the Best…

31 Mar

Searching for video clips for Fusion tonight, I happened upon one of the best clips from an 80’s movie. It’s not up for debate, it’s just a fact. Enjoy!