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Moved Blogs WP to Blogger

20 May

If you are reaching this blog, I have moved to Blogger

WordPress did not offer enough freedom to do what I wanted to do.

See you at MoreThanThisWorld


Weekend Reflections

3 May

  • Lesson on Guilt was incredible, the questions, and the conversations blew my mind.
  • One student rededicated her life to Christ, and wants to get baptized!!! That is phenomenal period.
  • My youngest birthday was off the hook. Man they grow up quickly! I am rethinking his name…should have been Luke. Not for biblical reasons, the kid is a Star Wars nut! Funny thing is, we almost named him Luke, but we thought people would tease him, “Luke use the force…”
  • Awesome meeting with some of the team discussing our overnighter and camp. You DON’T WANT TO MISS THESE!
  • Realized that I don’t love Jesus as much I should.
  • Speaking in front of the adult congregation gets easier each time you do it. Although I still get nervous and have to use the bathroom right before.
  • I love where God has placed me.

Prayed it away…

21 Apr

The past few daysI have had so much on my mind. Mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually I became exhuasted. The past few days my jaw has even been sore on one side. I think even while a sleep my mind was not at rest and I was gritting my teeth! The business of life, family, ministry, life group, a puppy, etc. Just plain tired me out!

Last night I went to bed early, and alone(NOT a big Glee fan). I laid in bed and prayed about everything. Friends, family, leaders, situations, you name it I prayed about it.

This morning I feel at peace.

Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Thank you Lord for reminding me!

Guard Your Treasure: Teens, Sex, Web and Cell Phones |

18 Feb

Great article check it out, and leave your comments here. See my post under the comments. Would love to here your thoughts, and what your group does.

Guard Your Treasure: Teens, Sex, Web and Cell Phones |

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10 Americans Arrested in Haiti – ABC News

1 Feb

10 Americans Arrested in Haiti – ABC News. Check out the video on the ABC News link.

This posted from Central Valley Baptist Church

News Update

A ten member church team traveled to Haiti to help rescue children from one or more orphanages that had been devastated in the earthquake on January 12. The children were being taken to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic where they could be cared for and have their medical and emotional needs attended to. Our team was falsely arrested today and we are doing everything we can from this end to clear up the misunderstanding that has occurred in Port au Prince

Even the best of intentions can be wrong if you break the law. Taking children out of a country, without going through the proper chain, can land you in trouble. The missionary’s quoted Philippians 1:13 “For everyone here, including the whole palace guard, knows that I am in chains because of Christ.” I think they are in jail because the broke the laws of the local government. I think their hearts were in the right place, I am just not sure Christ would have agreed with their methods. What does the Bible say about obeying the laws of governments? Continue reading


16 Dec