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How to Train Your Dragon

22 Apr

Had some one on one time with #3 today. We caught an early showing of How to Train Your Dragon. We had the theater all to ourselves which is always a bonus! Both of us really liked the movie. If you have not seen it I would definitely recommend it!

Some parts were a little slow, and others might be scary for some kids.

We both got really excited about a few movies coming out this summer: Karate Kid, Marmaduke, and Shrek!

Title: How to Train Your Dragon

Rated: PG

Run Time: 1hr 38min

Maker: Dream Works


MUST see movie

21 Jan

To Save a Life– I had a chance to see this movie last year at a youth conference in California. It’s the story of two friends who grew up together, only to grow a part in High School. Through a tragedy, one student asks himself what do I want my life to be all about? This movie is very intense, but will have a huge impact on lives. Who better than to know what students are faced with than a youth pastor? I am not referring to me, but the writer  and director of the movie. Yup you heard it right! Parents I would caution you this movie deals with sex, drinking, teen pregnancy, suicide, and has some mild violence. (PG-13) The ideas was to make it very relevant to High School students, yet honor God. I think the movie does just that. If you have a High School student, this is hands down THE BEST Christian film I have seen! So grab your student, and a few of their friends, and check it out today!

How to Save a Life

26 Aug

Saw this movie at a conference, and I have to say it was incredible. I encourage you to see this movie when it comes out with your teens, youth group, or family. 1 to 10 I would give this film a 9. The only reason it does not get a 10 is the fact I don’t like to give 10’s lol. Check out the website and become a fan on the Facebook page.

Pixars UP

29 May

Run Time 96min

Rated G

4 out of 5 stars

Carl Fredricksen always dreamed of adventure as a boy. Dreaming of following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Charles Muntz, and exploring South America. Carl promises his childhood sweetheart Ellie, that someday they would explore South America together and make it there home. Decades later, after the lose of his wife Ellie, 78 year old Carl, embarks on an their adventure.

Carl fills thousands of helium balloons that lift his house of its very foundation and the adventure begins. Carl soon discovers an 8 year old stowaway named Russel who make their adventure exciting!

This movie has something for the whole family. What I loved most about it was the love that Carl had for Ellie. In the end, Carl discovers that he did fulfill his childhood promise of taking Ellie on the adventure of a lifetime…..the adventure was their marriage.

This movie entertained our whole family from age 3-38. Go see it this weekend!