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What is your FAVORITE movie of ALL Time?

16 May

What is your all time favorite movie? A movie you could probably recite, and every time you flip the channel, and see it’s on, you HAVE to stop and watch…even if for just a little bit.

Comment below! Let’s see who else has your movie taste.


Does Your Church Have a Social Media Strategy?

13 May

A friend of mine, Ben Taylor, needs a few questions answered about your churches social media strategy. This information is needed to finish up his college course.  Would you take a few minutes and help Ben out? Here is the link to the survey Thanks in advance!


7 Feb

Church Shoppers

6 Jun

I have seen people bouncing around churches a lot lately, and I thought why do they do this? We have people coming from other churches, and we have people leaving to go to another church. It seams to me that the majority of the people that church shop, never stay at one church for very long. Why do you think people “church shop?”