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1 Dec

This was posted by Michael Gray from I thought I would pass it on. Some really good stuff!!

I have been reading “Trust Agents” by Smith & Brogan. I came across this acrostic in the book and having looked at it could not help adding the H to make Christ. Working under an acrostics nut in Dr. Love I was driven to add to the already great acrostic. I think the idea applies to more than just social media.

The TRUST Formula
(C x H x R x I)/S=T

• C=Credibility
Online integrity-You are who you say you are. Do you live in credibility online? Are you as good as you say you are or better? Prove It! Under promise and over deliver. From “If you mess up remember the 3 A’s: Acknowledge, Apologize, Act”.
• H=Help
Be a resource provider. If someone mentions a need you can help with, or you can resource, do it. The newest online tool, or something more substantial builds trust. Look for opportunities to help build your trust level with others.

• R=Reliability
The more you show up on time the more people trust you. Every time you do what you say you will do people give you another level of trust. Failure is the area that chips away at your trust level.
• I=Intimacy
One of the most powerful emotional factors is trust. Are you relational in your social networking? Do people feel comfortable around you? Can they tell you a secret?
• S=Self-Oriented
Are you selling yourself or your brand all the time or promoting others? From “Promote others 12 times as much as yourself or your company”.

From the Books “Trusted Advisor” 2001; “Trust Agents” 2009
Additions by Michael Gray


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