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29 Oct

Tribes are launching in Jan 2010!!

Want to know more? CLICK HERE

WANTED…Tribe Leaders! Email for more information!

I have to say I am loving my 9th grade guys Tribe. So cool to do life with these guys!


Who Poured Into You?

21 Oct

Who poured life into you when you were young? For many of us it was a youth leader. I still remember some of the topics that we discussed in my small group, but more than that, I remember the love that was poured into me. I didn’t know it then, but that little bit of time each week, helped shape me into who I am today…There is a saying that goes,”Share Jesus with everyone, when all else fails, use words.” Well, something to that effect. It wasn’t that my leader was a fantastic speaker, or knew everything a person could know about God. It was that he loved God, and he really cared about students. He poured life into our group, and allowed us to see what a relationship with Jesus really looked like.

I don’t know who it was for you, but someone poured life into you.

In January we will launch our small groups, or Tribes, for 9th-12th grade students. These Tribes will be gender and grade specific, and between 4-6 students. They will meet in homes during the week for about an hour and a half. The lessons and questions are provided by ASM.

If you would like to know more about Tribes visit or contact

Someone poured into you…I would like to invite you to pour back, into a small group of students.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Inviting Volunteers

23 May

Thought this was great from Ministry Best Practices

Sin #1: Expect announcements to get volunteers. An announcement may get a couple of volunteers, but usually those are the people who are volunteering anyway. People must be challenged individually. A challenge to everybody with an announcement is in fact a challenge to nobody.

Sin #2: Ask by yourself. You need a team to help you invite volunteers. Try to recruit people who are “connectors” in the church. Put them together as a special inviting task force that operates like a nominating committee. The key element is to brainstorm about people who could fit the roles you need.

Sin #3: Ask For, and Expect Long-Term Commitments. Just remember that short-term projects provide excellent “first dates”—they’re how you find your long-term volunteers. Give people the opportunity to try on your ministry to see how it fits. Short-term volunteers have the opportunity to catch your ministry’s vision as they work closely with a passionate leader.

See more HERE

Help Wanted Inquire Within

7 Apr

We would love to have you join our team! Do you love God? Do you like kids? You may have what it takes to lead a small group for students! Our goal is to place 4-5 students with an adult who will care for them, guide them, and do life with them. We are looking for male and female leaders to lead High School or Junior High Students. We give you the materials, the students, and unlimited support. You give 1.5 hours a week, and open up your house to 4-5 students. This is NOT a youth group, it is a place where students can go deeper. Interested?
Please email