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Why I Love My Pastor

8 Apr

This is a clip of the closing announcements the weekend before Easter. Jim is our campus pastor at Alive Church, a mentor, friend, and boss. Jim is a big teddy bear with a HUGE heart…Did I mention that he is┬áhilarious!? Check out this video, I hope it brightens your day. Love you Jim!!!


Face the Cookie

18 Mar

So we started to use the idea of Minute to Win It. A new show on NBC check out more here Finding the videos on YouTube we were able to use the computerized voice directions up on the big screen…very cool! I highly recommend using some of these! First the students tried, and then the leaders were called out to show them how it’s done!

Best St. Patrick’s Day Video EVER!

17 Mar

Love me some Star Wars Lego’s!

13 Mar

Day to recharge

12 Mar

Spent most of the day today fly fishing down at my lake. An interesting thing happened this morning as I cast my line into the water. Let me preference it with this…last night in our series Extreme God Makeover we focused on self-control. Today my self-control was put to the test…across the lake came a bumbling fishermen. He just looked like he had no idea what he was doing. I smiled and returned to fishing. That’s when I heard it…a huge splash. I thought wow he must have a caught a big one! As my eyes caught up with my brain, I see him knee deep and soaking wet in the lake! It took every bit of self-control I had to not burst out in laughter. The poor guy went to cast, and threw himself in the lake. I have to say the water was freezing!! Sure wish I would have caught it on video!

Great Stuff from Johnny and Chachi

9 Mar

Saw these guys at SYMC2010 are you a child of the 90’s or like the music of the 90’s then check this out!