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It’s a Dad and Son Thing!

12 Mar

So excited today! My wife and son surprised me at the lake today. Tanner wanted to try fly fishing, so we gave it a whirl. I sat down with him and taught him the basics. About 3 casts later he hooked in to a pretty good size rainbow trout! Man he was so excited, but I think I was more excited for him! The giggles and squeals that came out of my elated little boy brought such joy to my heart, I can’t even explain it. I am a proud father…


Day to recharge

12 Mar

Spent most of the day today fly fishing down at my lake. An interesting thing happened this morning as I cast my line into the water. Let me preference it with this…last night in our series Extreme God Makeover we focused on self-control. Today my self-control was put to the test…across the lake came a bumbling fishermen. He just looked like he had no idea what he was doing. I smiled and returned to fishing. That’s when I heard it…a huge splash. I thought wow he must have a caught a big one! As my eyes caught up with my brain, I see him knee deep and soaking wet in the lake! It took every bit of self-control I had to not burst out in laughter. The poor guy went to cast, and threw himself in the lake. I have to say the water was freezing!! Sure wish I would have caught it on video!

Fish in a Barrel

30 Dec

Stocked my lake today, too many fish caught to count. Over 50! Decided to keep a couple for dinner. 18″ and 17″ Fish tacos tonight! Who wants  to learn how to fly fish?!

Daughters of the Fly

29 Dec

My fisher girls killed it today! Makena hooked four and fought them for a bit, on a new fly I tied last night. My bad I did not close the gap  on the one she was using…so they did not make it to shore. Sorry Makena.  Ryan caught one and Tanner had a few bites, but he is still learning. We fish with no barbs, so it makes it harder to land them, but easier to release them. I did not see anyone else hooking up today, just my kids! Oh, and I  got bageled!!! Proud of them 🙂

Another Monster

28 Dec

Another monster today…10 fish total with this 16″ fish to boot! If it were MY birthday, this would be a great gift. Home for lunch, some hot soup, then maybe back to the lake for more! Love trout season, can’t wait to hit the mountain streams. Who’s in??


23 Dec

Ok well not a monster, but here was my 16inch 2lb. trout that I caught today. Thanks to my buddy Chuck, seen here, for the assist. Chuck got the Grand Slam- trout, bass, blue gill, grass carp, and yes even a catfish! I failed the slam, but did manage 5 trout and a bluegill. Love spending time fly fishing, my way of unwinding, and recharging. Now time to relax with the family, decorate cookies, and watch a movie. What a great day!