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FREE Online Training 5/19/10

18 May

You are invited to join us for a great day of learning and sharing on May 19, 2010 as Leadership Network presents “SAGE”.

In the tradition of THE NINES and AHA!, SAGE will be a totally on-line event… that means no travel arrangements, no days away from the office, and no hassle. And, you can attend for FREE! YOU MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND!

Leadership Network has gathered a group of some of the most experienced, well-seasoned church leaders and asked them all the same question, “If you had it to do all over again, what would you have done differently?” Their answers will help all of us learn some valuable lessons about what to do and what not to do in our own ministry.

Event: SAGE! New Voices. Fresh Ideas.

Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM (ET) Thats 9am West Coasters!


Program Book Purchase/Download:


Hope to see you online!


Some Final Thoughts on Blaze

8 Mar

First to my leaders… I am so blessed to have a group of incredible leaders who love Jesus and care for our students. One Church, Multiple locations, serving one awesome God! Thank you for taking time away from your life to pour into these kids. The impact on their lives will have eternal implications. I love serving with you all. I pray that you will recover quickly! Thanks to Roni for covering our student service on Sat night!

To my students… It was so awesome to hang out, learn and worship with you. I loved hearing your stories and watching you step up for THE Cause! I am so proud of you! Now…don’t let the fire fade! The 48 hour challenge is on! Talk to 2 of your friends who don’t know Christ in the next 48 hours. Share the good, the bad, and the ugly with me chris

To Lish and Grace Church… Thank you for hosting us and taking such great care of us while we were in Phoenix!! You and your team are the bomb!! Now, we need to work on getting D2S to come back to AZ!

Finally to Dare2Share… Thank you, thank you, thank you!

SYMC2010 Final Thoughts

2 Mar

What an incredible time I had at the SYMC2010 Conference in Chicago. I was asked in an interview what my favorite part about the conference was, and the first thing that came to mind was the incredible fellowship with other youth leaders. Some of my favorite, and most insightful time were hanging out and talking with other youth leaders. Finally getting to meet people face to face that I had only know in the virtual worlds of Twitter and Facebook. Listening to them share stories of success, struggles and failure. Watching some who were at their breaking point, ready to quit, be renewed and ready to go another round. Barry, Mike, Andy, Tony, Dennis, Roy, Brian, Jeremy and so many others. Thank you for blessing me, it is an honor to be in this spiritual battle for the souls of our youth with you.

I also got to hang out with some old friends at Friday’s for a midnight dinner. Josh Griffin, Jake Rutenbar, Matt & Mish McGill, Jana Sarti, Ryanne Witt, and Dennis Beckner. So much fun!

Hanging out in a mini-gathering of PDYM Mentors with Fields was awesome. Such incredible men doing awesome things for God’s kingdom. Felt honored just to be in the room.

Doug Fields was at his finest, its no surprise, as he was in his favorite environment…loving on youth workers. Duffy, Bo, Cathy, Greg, Derwin, Kurt, thank you for your time. I really enjoyed the things that you taught me.

Skit Guys, and Johnny and Chachi soooo much fun. I think it’s exactly what many of us needed, to step out of our role fora moment, and have some good ole fashion laughter. Thank you for making me feel like a kid again!

Tim Timmons and Tobymac what a great way to worship with your energy and musical talent!

Youth Leaders. If you only do ONE conference a year, make it this one. I could go on…but I won’t.

SYMC is in the books, see you next year!

Healing and Hope for Kids who Cut- Marv Penner- SYMC2010

2 Mar

  • Self-injuring- Attempting to alter a mood state by inflicting physical harm to cause tissue damage to one’s body
  • At the baseline level all we can offer is our presence
  • The pain in their minds can’t be managed in a conventional way in their minds
  • Self injury is not experienced to them as self-harm, but as self-care
  • Desperately and genuinely want to stop their behavior
    • Become disappointed in themselves
    • The stories behind are of deep, deep injury
      • We can’t just rearrange the behaviors
      • We need to deal with the stories behind the behavior
      • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 young men self injure (2yrs ago study)
      • 90% begin as teens
      • Average age is 14 increasing in severity into the 20’s- starting age is going younger
      • Can be a learned or mimicked behavior
        • Dabbling can become a habit
        • Cutting clubs at schools and in online communities
        • Kids are passionate about how it works for them
        • More than ½ are victims of sexual abuse, neglected childhood, or emotionally abused
        • All races and economic backgrounds Continue reading

SYMC2010- Fight the Stereotype (youth leader)

1 Mar

Doug had to find the prize SYMC2010

1 Mar