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Now that YOUR kid is in your youth ministry…

18 May

I have seen over the past few days, youth leaders posting that their own kids are now entering their youth ministry. Admittedly it can be a scary thing. It brings out a whole new outlook on practice what you teach. Your kid will now be right there to remind you of what you spoke about last week when you are not living it out.

Some things to keep in mind regarding your childs health, well-being, and transition into your youth ministry.

  • Always double-check with your child BEFORE you share a personal story that involves them. It may help to drive the point home, but if you don’t ask permission, YOUR drive home might be a long one.
  • Child before student. Remember they should feel more important than any other kid in the group. The last thing you want to hear them say when you are old is, “My Dad/Mom was so loving and spent so much time with other peoples kids…I wish he had loved me like that.”
  • Let them have some of the behind the scenes benefits of being your kid. Enough said.
  • Download with them after youth nights. Your son/daughter can be one of your most honest and helpful critics, giving you insights on what works, and what doesn’t. Get their input.
  • Let them have their own experience with their friends. Don’t play the parent role. I know that can be difficult, but they need to be free to succeed and fail on their own.
  • If you have small groups in your church, have another leader lead your child’s group. Give them the opportunity to have other Godly adult influences in their lives. A small group should be a safe harbor for them to talk…even if it’s about you!!!

Having your own children in your youth group can be a HUGE blessing, or a nightmare…it’s up to you as the parent and the leader.

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Chew On This…

15 May

Here is one of the questions that the students wrestled with tonight. The room was split, and all gave some good reasons as to their choices. So I wanted to see what you thought. Which is worse?

xTina gets Xrated

6 May

Sometimes main stream music videos really strike a nerve in me. I know that the shock value is why artists and producers push the limits. What angers me is who they are targeting, our children. This video in particular really sends some false messages to our youth, and the visuals are nauseating.

I’m dancing alot and I’m taking shots I’m feeling fine
I’m kissing all the boys and the girls

False Message: Promiscuity and bi-sexuality are acceptable, as long as it makes you feel good its ok.  Biblical Truth Continue reading

Anza Trail…UN-secure

1 May

Yesterday my wife and I, went to my daughters play at Sahuarita’s Middle School, Anza Trail. As with most schools there is not enough parking to accommodate everyone especially during events. My wife and I parked across the street at the community dog park. We entered the side of the school through an open gate, not even thinking about the fact that we were supposed to go through the front and check in and get a name tag. Our bad…

I got to thinking about how unsecured this school is. Anyone can walk on this campus. I saw several teachers and other staff, and was not asked if I had checked in. (I had no name tag) It really got me thinking, and a little concerned with the safety of our students at this school. Continue reading

Are We Training Up Our Teens To Be Priests or Levites? – Brian Ford

26 Apr

Are We Training Up Our Teen’s to be Priests and Levites?

I’m sure by the time you read this post you’ve already seen the video footage of the homeless man that helped a woman that was being mugged. He was stabbed and then left for dead on the sidewalk. For an hour he laid there with no help. People just passed by him, stared and one person even took a picture of the dying, bleeding man with his cell phone. When I saw this it disgusted me. But it also stirred something else in my heart and mind. Are we training our teens to be the Samaritan or to be like the priest and Levite? Have teens become so desensitized they pass by those who are dying spiritually and in need of Jesus? Continue reading

Should Youth Leaders Drink?

23 Apr

Today at the grocery store I ran into a youth leader, we said hello and continued to shop. We ran into each other again in the front of the store. She and a girl friend had a large bottle of vodka and some other misc hard liquor.

As a youth leader, does this send a negative message? I am not talking about is it right or wrong to drink.

When you are leading students, is it a wise thing?

Does your leadership team or church have a covenant regarding alcohol?