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What is your FAVORITE movie of ALL Time?

16 May

What is your all time favorite movie? A movie you could probably recite, and every time you flip the channel, and see it’s on, you HAVE to stop and watch…even if for just a little bit.

Comment below! Let’s see who else has your movie taste.


Why I Love My Pastor

8 Apr

This is a clip of the closing announcements the weekend before Easter. Jim is our campus pastor at Alive Church, a mentor, friend, and boss. Jim is a big teddy bear with a HUGE heart…Did I mention that he is┬áhilarious!? Check out this video, I hope it brightens your day. Love you Jim!!!

Love me some Star Wars Lego’s!

13 Mar

The World is just AWESOME….

17 Nov

Loved this video! I may not agree with everything on the Discovery Channel, but I do agree the world is an awesome creation! Thank you God!