Fusion Rewind May 12th

13 May

  • Finished up our series Beyond the Yearbook
  • Our Children’s Pastor Tom Ulrich gave a shout out for help in the children’s ministry.
  • A TON of students committed to serving. There are too many fat Christians in the church. People who come to everything and feed(on God’s word), but don’t give back(serving His kingdom). It’s time to exercise our spiritual gifts not just hangout at the buffet!
  • We saw some new faces. Love that
  • Got to wash some feet on stage, freaked a few students out…that’s a good thing!
  • Talked about Mark 4. What kind of soil are you? God’s not finished with you yet! He loves you where you are at, BUT…He loves you TOO much to leave you there.
  • 4 students gave their lives to Christ! That never gets old
  • 5 students recommitted their lives to Jesus! So awesome to see people make a u-turn and get back on Christ 101 FREEway
  • We have a new member to our team Scott Marx, don’t upset him or he will tase you! Stoked to have him on board. Scott is a retired law enforcement agent, who is acting as security for us. Just kidding about the tasing part. Kinda…
  • Matt Normington stepped up to help out on our Production Team. Way to go Matt!
  • One of our leaders Roni taught a section about looking for God’s work in your life. She did a phenomenal job!
  • The band was off the hook!
  • Next week we start our summer series On Location DONT MISS IT!

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