Today’s Leadership Training

11 May

Great staff meeting today discussing how problems equal opportunities.

  1. Provide Direction- This is the vision that the leader brings to the team.
  2. Obtain Plans- A leader’s job is NOT to solve problems, that is the job of his leaders/teams. A leader is to identify a problem, gather ideas and recommendations, and then decide on a plan of action. Discover the facts, just the facts ma’am, sorry couldn’t help it….What is quantifiable, things not based on feelings or opinions(you know what they say about those). Problems equal Opportunities!
  3. Commission the Work– A leader must redirect ideas that do not match the vision or direction.
  4. Provide for Success- Through coaching, mentoring, training, teaching. The leader might even outsource some of these, but he provides them for his team.
  5. Obtain Evaluations- Inspect what you expect.
    • What was supposed to happen?
    • What actually happened?
    • Account for any differences
    • What can we learn and how can we fix it? – Back to #2

So grateful for the leadership at Alive. There is so much knowledge here, I am digging soaking it all up! Looking forward to next weeks meeting, back into Nehemiah for some leadership 101.


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