Church Burnings on NW Side

11 May

There have been 4 churches intentionally set on fire in the North West area of Tucson Arizona in the past couple months. It breaks my heart to know that someone is setting these fires with the purpose of trying to hurt God’s children, or in some way trying to get back at God. My prayer is that whatever beef this person has with God, that he will understand… God still loves him. That God wants to adopt him into His family and move him from creation to child.

I am praying for the churches that have lost their buildings. BUT it is just that, a building. What this arsonist fails to see is that a church is not about a building, it’s not about four walls and a roof. It’s about the people. It’s about the family of God doing His will in this world. The church, the body, the people remain strong and are continuing to live out God’s purposes! AMEN!

Please join me in prayer for these churches, and the lost soul trying to get even with God.

You can burn a building, but you can not destroy God’s church!

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