Weekend Reflections

3 May

  • Lesson on Guilt was incredible, the questions, and the conversations blew my mind.
  • One student rededicated her life to Christ, and wants to get baptized!!! That is phenomenal period.
  • My youngest birthday was off the hook. Man they grow up quickly! I am rethinking his name…should have been Luke. Not for biblical reasons, the kid is a Star Wars nut! Funny thing is, we almost named him Luke, but we thought people would tease him, “Luke use the force…”
  • Awesome meeting with some of the team discussing our overnighter and camp. You DON’T WANT TO MISS THESE!
  • Realized that I don’t love Jesus as much I should.
  • Speaking in front of the adult congregation gets easier each time you do it. Although I still get nervous and have to use the bathroom right before.
  • I love where God has placed me.

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