Anza Trail…UN-secure

1 May

Yesterday my wife and I, went to my daughters play at Sahuarita’s Middle School, Anza Trail. As with most schools there is not enough parking to accommodate everyone especially during events. My wife and I parked across the street at the community dog park. We entered the side of the school through an open gate, not even thinking about the fact that we were supposed to go through the front and check in and get a name tag. Our bad…

I got to thinking about how unsecured this school is. Anyone can walk on this campus. I saw several teachers and other staff, and was not asked if I had checked in. (I had no name tag) It really got me thinking, and a little concerned with the safety of our students at this school.

In an area where schools have been locked down, drug smugglers from Mexico have been stopped in the area, why are our schools not more secure?

Anza used to have a program that would call the parent if their student was absent. No longer. Students could leave campus, or never show up at all, and parents would never know! Especially house holds where both parents work.

Why aren’t our schools doing more to protect our most valuable resource for the future?


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