Hit and Run…I Forgive You

11 Apr

Had a pretty incredible day yesterday, that is right until the end. Met with some of my weekend team to reformulate the message currently being taught in our main service. The idea is same message different delivery and audience. We are  hoping to create conversations between the students and the parents. No more,”What did you learn today?” “Nothin…” (More on that later.) So we had a great brainstorming session, and lunch from Chipotle. Yum.

The lesson went really well, small group of all girls, but we got to the heart of some questions, worries, and hurts. Good stuff!

Pizza time with the team to discuss camp, over-nighter, vision and more. This was a fun time!! Some of us hung out well after the meeting was done. I LOVE THIS TEAM!

Then it happened…coming home on La Cholla, a kid pulls out right, and clips the side of my truck. I swerve to try to avoid him, but feel my truck bump to the left. Man what a way to ruin a night! I pull over, get out my insurance etc. He pulls over about 25 yards in front of me. As I am looking to see what damage has been done, he floors it! Really?!? What is this world coming to? I am safe, and my truck does not have a scratch on it! I am sure the little import car has some damage to its front left bumper/panel.

To The Owner/Driver of the Car:

I forgive you. Since you took off, a felony, I am sure that you will be looking over your shoulder for a long, long time. I forgive you… since there was no damage, I did not report you! I think there is someone you should meet, I would love to introduce you Wed night 7pm at Alive Church.

THEN…almost home another kid turns left in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes to avoid taking out he and his little car. What is going on!?!

Thank you Lord for keeping me safe and that I drive a truck!


One Response to “Hit and Run…I Forgive You”

  1. John Garay April 11, 2010 at 6:05 PM #

    Your awesome Chris… blessings to you!!!

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