Large Church Multi Campus

1 Mar

  • Launch with the right number of people and the right people for the job.
  • Get students committed to attending the new campus if they are closer to it by, asking them to be a part of the evangelism part of it. Growing the ministry.
  • New Buildings
    • Sometimes simpler is better. Multi-million dollar campuses can create a trap of out doing other churches.
    • What changes people’s lives is a person. Not a building or a program. People lead people to Christ.
    • Return on your investment is not always instant. When creating a new campus, or building, the return is delayed.
    • Easier to get caught in a program trap- Use programs as one tool
    • 3G- Grade, Gender, Geography- Organizing small groups
    • When starting possibly use video/streamed message for teach, everything else done at the location.
    • When launching a new campus youth ministries make sure you visualize to the students what it will look like. Satellite Campus will not have the same resources, feel, paid staff etc. of the main campus. Make sure you are clear so you meet expectations of the new attendees.
    • As you get larger you need to focus even more intently on relational leadership, so you don’t become a cold corporate business.
    • Hire who you want to be around, you will be spending a lot of time with them.
    • Not everyone has to report to you. Let the other leaders hold their people accountable, support them and love them.

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