Dare 2 Share- Unleashing the Cause

1 Mar

  • Romans 1:18- power of the Gospel
  • Barriers to our beliefs- Both for the Christian and the hearer of the Gospel
  • Barriers-
    • Inadequacy
    • I don’t know any unbelievers
    • Fear
    • We judge our effectiveness by the wrong thing…numbers, facilities, bands, friendly kids, etc.
    • Jesus was a youth leader
      • Mat 17- only Peter and Jess paid the tax Ex 30:14 only those 20 and older
      • 1 adult sponsor, 1 rotten kid, and with the youth group that turned the world upside down in 3.5 years!
      • What drove Jesus should drive everything- Search and Rescue Mission for the Lost
        • This should be our #1 priority- Love God and Love others
        • Why don’t our kids share?
          • Fear of rejections
          • Lack of training
          • They are comfortable- that’s why missions trips work so well, they get dirty and uncomfortable
          • No true conversion
          • Luke 19- Invited Himself over to a sinners house, sign of intimacy and acceptance
            • He gets dirty
            • Genesis 1 and 2 He gets dirty making man
            • Our kids need to BE the meeting, not just go to it
            • Luke 19:10
            • Is your heart broken over people who don’t know Christ?
            • Persuade in love, not in fear, or by being a nut job! Speak the truth in love.
            • What motivates you to share Jesus? 2 Cor. 5:13, 2 Cor. 5:10-11, Jude 23, Mat 9:36
              • Your own changed life
              • Pain in others
              • The lost and the lied to
              • To leave a legacy that will make the Father proud 2 Tim 1-2
              • Whatever gets you motivated, gets you motivated, just share
              • Degree in Shame and Masters in guilt
              • How motivated are you?
                • If YOU aren’t motivated, your kids won’t be.
                • It should drive how we live , and drive how we lead
                • Evangelism and Discipleship should not be seen as two separate things.
                • How did Jesus disciple?
                  • Refused to have discipleship without danger
                  • Missions trips should be every single day: schools, Facebook, neighbors, teammates
                  • Add mission to our meetings
                  • Add danger to out discipleship
                  • Sometimes we need to cut our meetings short and go out and do something
                  • The Cause- put YOUR fingerprint on it.
                    • How to do it is up to you
                    • Minister to the crowd, pour your life into a few
                      • Then they infect others
                      • www.Dare2Share.org/thecause
                      • www.facebook.com/livethecause
                      • Make disciples that make disciples
                      • Let the students be youth pastors on their campus
                      • Develop a plan, and live it!- How are you and your youth group going to implement The Cause?
                      • Pray, Pursue, Persuade- about those who don’t know Jesus
                      • When counting numbers, count lives change, NOT the number of people in your church
                        • What percentage of your church came to Christ through your church?
                        • Be attractive, but what are you attracting them to you
                          • Are they attracted to a person? A band? A building? OR are they attracted to Jesus?
                          • If you fall in love with evangelism, you’ll fizzle out. If you fall in love with Jesus, you will evangelize

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