Raising Your Own Kids in Ministry- Jim Burns and Cathy Fields

28 Feb

Jim Burns-

  • Parenting is part guerilla warfare and part joy
  • Pressure exists on our kids whether we put it on them or not
  • We can become over committed and under connected
    • Vulnerable to sin
    • Laziness- raising your children
    • Romans 9:32 Don’t miss THE most important things…our own children
    • YOU have to protect your marriage and your family, no one is going to do it for you
    • Have priorities and protect them:  God, Family, Ministry etc
    • Don’t let the church become your mistress
      • Non-negotiable date night
      • Limit your nights out per week (choose with your spouse)
      • Let your spouse have veto power over your schedule
      • Live in AWE Affection Warmth and Encouragement
        • With your spouse and your children
        • Set the thermostat of warmth in your home
        • Don’t neglect the basics of your marriage
        • We need to work on our spiritual intimacy with our family
          • Devotionals etc (Maybe act out a story of the bible with your family)
          • Practical way to manage the over committed and under connected
            • Honesty with your spouse
            • Manage the calendar together
            • Date nights
            • Keep your Sabbath
            • Limit your nights out per week
            • Leave work at the office
            • Grow spiritually (marriage and family)
              • Devotionals
              • Small groups
              • Planned worship together (service times at church)
              • Hinder spiritually (marriage and family)
                • Skipping date nights
                • Over committing
                • Putting ministry before marriage or family
                • Let your kids know that they are loved, not for serving, but for just being themselves.

Cathy Fields-

  • Parents work best when they work as a team.
  • Ministry can be a benefit to the family if you plan your schedule
  • Be intentional in your decision making, time blocks, energy, quality time
  • Include your kids in ministry events; don’t leave your kids to go and hang out with other kids.
    • There are times, but whenever possible let your kids be a part of your ministry experience.
    • Let your kids enjoy the perks of your ministry
    • Go to your kids events, don’t go to students events, and miss your own kids’ events!
    • Allow your kids to be themselves!!!


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