SYMC-First 2 Years in Youth Ministry- Doug Fields

27 Feb

First 2 Years in Youth Ministry- Doug Fields

  • Learning is about making some mistakes, but only once or twice, don’t make a habit of making the same mistake.
  • Have some friends and mentors that are not in youth ministry
  • One of the goals of a healthy youth ministry is for the leadership to last and become a long-term healthy youth worker.
    • Long term= trust of students.  Many of them have had 5 leaders in as many years.
    • See more fruit
    • Evaluate- evaluate these notes, meditate on them, and make the necessary changes.
    • Many of us need rest stops on the freeway of youth ministry. When you slow down your passion is renewed, your open to new ideas and you can last.
    • Healthy youth worker establishes personal commitments
      • Comparison always equals a loss
        • You’re not as good- You don’t know everything about someone else’s ministry. The closer you get to leadership, the more flaws that you see!
        • Feel better about yourself- Pride
    • Move slowly with changes and reactions
      • New setting move slowly Honor the past
    • Steer clear of the numbers game- does not indicate health its ONE indicator
    • I will pace myself
    • I will trust my volunteers more
    • Love the unlovely
    • Let them know they matter- You spell love TIME
    • Remember they’re teenagers
    • Put People before Programs
    • Don’t criticize the past, takes away from your integrity
  • Why commitments?
    • What your called to do and who you’re called to be
    • When it becomes difficult it’s important to have the commitments to reflect on
    • Students may not respond well to your approach

My Commitments:y

  • Most people leave their church because of one or two critics
  • A healthy youth worker will make a commitment to teamwork
    • Erase division from your ministry- most divisiveness is rooted in sin in one’s life 1 Cor. 1:10
    • New leaders find leaders who are different from you, diversity of skill and age etc
      • Do I confront or run from divisiveness?
      • Am I supportive of new ideas?
        • Change
        • Your ministry will only be as healthy as your senior pastor is supportive
        • Be a supportive member of the team, publically and privately
    • Do I support my lead youth worker in spite of weaknesses?
      • Everyone has weaknesses live through your strengths and surround yourself with people whose strengths are your weaknesses.
      • Confront weaknesses with solutions
    • Do I show love when my youth worker/ senior pastor messes up?
    • Do I affirm the lead youth worker publicly?
    • Am I the last to leave an event?
      • Build a team where you don’t have to be the last to leave every time!
    • Am I positive person?
      • It does not take intelligence to be critical
    • Do I solve problems on my own?
      • If a volunteer see’s a problem, create a culture that they fix it.
      • Be a team player
      • Lead youth worker, the same is true with you and the team you are a part of. (Senior pastor etc.)
    • Don’t criticize volunteers right after an event
    • Do I have a heart for long-term youth ministry?
      • Builds trust and camaraderie
      • A healthy youth worker will purse high vision and low control
        • Low control- hold your ministry with a lose grip- give it away
          • Love adults who love students
          • I can’t care for the whole flock, I need loving adults to help love the flock
          • Give volunteers the freedom to minister- let them pastor
          • The kingdom is bigger than us
          • A healthy youth worker will help create an environment where students know they are valued. GREAT EXPERIENCES INCLUDE
            • G- Greeting- Every kid gets greeted
            • R- Remember names
            • E- Eye contact- says you matter to me
            • A- Affirmation- be different than the world, the world does not give affirmation
            • T- Touch- Appropriate to age and boundaries
            • A healthy youth worker is consistent with the “little things” that are a big deal to students
              • Writing a letter to a student- Not an email, text, or Facebook
              • Phone calls- I was just thinking about you
              • Attending significant events- sports, plays, awards etc
              • Remembering something special
  • A healthy youth worker is committed to embracing, reflecting, programming and teaching the biblical purposes
    • E- Evangelism- REACH- is messy!!
    • F- Fellowship- CONNECT- caring adults and to each other
    • D- Discipleship GROW- preparing kids to grow on their own
    • M- Ministry- SERVE
    • W- Worship- HONOR
      • Whatever you call them, your ministry should incorporate the 5 biblical purposes
  • Don’t let kids become committed to a person or a program
  • Embrace these purposes, reflect them, teach them- teach them to fish, show them how to fish, but also give them tackle!
  • If your kids aren’t asking you questions about the bible they are not reading it!!
  • Two questions to ask
    • What’s the primary biblical purpose does this program fulfill?
      • The key word is primary, do not try to fulfill all the purposes in one event. Is there a major emphasis?
    • Who are we trying to target with this program?
  • A healthy youth worker will value other leaders and be committed to a process of developing ministers- Katie Edwards
    • You get into ministry because you love students, and then it shifts to loving leaders.
    • How many of your students do you REALLY know?
      • Smaller groups lead to better relationships
      • Leaders must love Jesus and like teenagers
  • From day one bring leaders on to develop them to be pastors
    • Might start out with being a chaperone but leads to pasturing
  • Finding leaders and mastering the ask.
    • It’s an invitation to join a team
    • Pray about leaders. Ask for God’s guidance.
    • Be clear, what are the opportunities?  Something specific small group leader, 8th grade girls, etc
    • Sometimes we throughout general asks…you should check out our youth ministry.
    • Break down the rolls of your volunteers
    • Be persistent- NOT a stalker- follow-up ask again. “I think you would be a huge asset to our team”
    • Think creatively How can you use leaders’ gifts to serve your ministry- carpentry, computer skills, etc. That can lead them to becoming a minister.
    • Be confident- in yourself and your ministry and in the invitation. “Here are all the great opportunities…You would be so great at pouring into students lives….”
    • Carve out specific time to work on growing your team, finding new youth workers
  • Who do you ask?
    • Everyone- Everyone you come into contact with is a potential youth worker!
      • Everyone gets an ask- initial conversation- weed out the whacko’s later
    • The best are not necessarily the young
    • Have a response to objections…”I don’t have time”….”Do you have 5min a day to pray for our ministry?” …“I don’t know the bible well enough”… “Can I pair you with a seasoned leader who can come along side of you?”
      • Sometimes the excuse is due to a lack of understanding of what you’re asking for. Time, talent etc
  • Once they have responded to an invitation, there is a process of joining our ministry.
    • Application, interview- get to know the person- where is their heart?
    • Be eager but not desperate. Pick the right leaders…ministers
    • Don’t be afraid to say “No” to people its life on life ministry- it’s a BIG commitment.
    • Maybe it’s a “Not now” conversation- issues in someone’s life
      • If your well is empty you won’t have much to pour out
    • We don’t want perfect
  • Developing- ministers in ministry
    • Training in their specific roles
    • Leaders need specific roles and expectations
    • Recognize the unique gifts and utilizing them
    • Share information- like these conference notes with your team
      • Decide what you want from them and train from there
  • Sustaining them for ministry- not by training alone- but by loving on your team your family. (Note for my team at Alive- I love you guys! I wouldn’t want to do ministry with anyone else!)
    • Carve out time for your leaders
    • Spend time with your leaders outside of ministry
  • A healthy youth worker learns to manage the ebb & flow of discouragement- Doug Fields
    • Painful
    • Untimely
    • Lonely
    • The goal isn’t to avoid discouragement but to navigate it
    • A healthy youth worker will reflect passion, pursue spiritual depth, and live with margin
      • Teach out of depth out of margin
        • M- Ministry never ends
        • A- Acknowledge your limited roles
        • R- Respect your time because others wont
        • G- Get a day away
        • I- Inject “NO” into your vocabulary***
        • N- Neglect the unimportant
        • A healthy youth worker will depend on God’s power
          • It’s not about you

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  1. John Garay February 27, 2010 at 5:00 PM #

    Dude… I got this book… I love it… It’s great!!!!

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