Extreme Makeover- God’s Edition

18 Feb

Series: God’s Extreme Makeover

Sermon Title: Being beautiful on the inside

Sermon in a Sentence: How can we have the fruits of the spirit in our lives?

Bible Verses Use: Galatians 5

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 9 out of 10

OV Attendance: 55 Guests: Saves: 3

CR Attendance: 18 Guests: 3

Element of Fun: Roni opened the night with a riddle, and a cell phone game, and of course Kajabi

Understandable Message: To have God’s spirit in us, we have to invite Him in, and allow the spirit to flow through us even when we don’t “feel” like it. When I get cut off on the freeway, my first impulse is not to pray for that driver. However, I must make a conscious decision to go with what I should do, not what comes naturally. Because when I go with what comes naturally, I am capable of being me, and me can be pretty ugly. When our society wants to change, it changes the exterior. Things like plastic surgery, clothes, media, food are all things we use to make us feel better about ourselves. The truth is it does make us feel better, but only for a little while. What we need is to be changed from the inside. If I don’t allow God’s spirit to guide my life, I will never know all the benefits that brings.

Grade: C-

Music Playlist: No one Like You, I am Free, Our Love is Loud

Favorite Moment: Seeing some new faces, and connecting with students

Final Thought: What kind of fruit are you producing?

Students texted in the one fruit that they need the most in their lives


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