Who or What is First? – Weekend Rewind

15 Feb

Series: Stressed Out- Week 3

Sermon Title: Here I Am

Sermon in a Sentence: Is God first in your life?

Bible Verses Use: Genesis 22

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 2 out of 10

OV Attendance: 50 Guests: 2

CR Attendance: 10 Guests: 2

Understandable Message: “Here I am” is a response that a servant would give to his master when he was called. Abraham responded “Here I am” when the Lord called him showing he was God’s servant. Abraham also replied this way when Isaac, his son, called him showing he was also a servant to others. In this scripture there is a ton of foreshadowing of what God is going to do with His son. I wont give it all away, see what you can find!!! Abraham’s test was not meant to produce faith, but to reveal his faith. Abraham did not put even his own son’s life before the will of God. That is some incredible faith! What do we value more than God’s will? What would we not give up? Friends, job, habit, boyfriend or girlfriend, etc.?

Grade: B+

Favorite Moment: The way that students saw the foreshadowing before I mentioned it!!!


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