After the Conference is Over…

13 Feb

After a conference my head is spinning, and I am on ministry overload! So what to do now that you are home, and have a ton of information and ideas? Conferences are an awesome tool, and really help to refuel you spiritually. But conferences are only beneficial if you actually DO SOMETHING with what you learned. If your like me, you take a ton of notes. Here is what I like to do when I get home from a conference:

  • Three things- Pick three things that you will put into practice or work on in your ministry. You will be tempted to do more, but I have found being a jack of all trades and master of none is not a great thing in ministry.
  • Not everything- Not everything that you hear will work in your ministry. I know pastors who have gone to conferences, and try to change everything about their ministry! Don’t freak your people out! Know your flock and know your limitations.
  • Review and rewrite- Look over your notes, and rewrite them. I write like a doctor, most of the time I have to decipher my own notes. Doing this while it’s still fresh in your mind it does two things.
    1. You are more likely to remember what the speaker was talking about (context, applications, etc.)
    2. Writing them out again really helps you to remember (that’s why we do notes, right pastor?)
  • Cast the vision- Share with your team the why’s.
  • Pray- Pray about what you learned. Ask God to show you the areas of your life, and ministry that would benefit from change.

What is your process of downloading after a conference?

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