Going to Radicalis?

6 Feb

Posted by Rick Warren:

Here are 10 Things Not to Forget When Coming to Radicalis, February 9-12, 2010 (In Reverse Order)

10) Your Suitcase!

9) Do you have hotel reservations and all other logistical details ready (car rental reservations, etc)?

8) Comfortable clothes.  The weather will be great so leave your suit at home.

7) Your wife or your husband (if you have one)!  My wife, Kay will be teaching a special workshop for wives during Radicalis and I will be personally leading an individual learning experience on preaching during Radicalis.

6) Bring your entire team!  There’s something for everyone at Radicalis.

5) Don’t forget to have fun! Yes this is a time for spiritual renewel and learning, but have fun with your team as well.

4) Business cards to exchange information with all of the incredible people you’ll meet at Radicalis!!

3) Leave business as usual behind and be prepared to make Radical Sacrifice!

2) Bring your heart open to Radical Change as we experience Radical faith, worship and love!

1) Come ready to join the Radicalis generation that will change the world!


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