I WON!!!! Now I could use some help?

5 Feb

Wow so stoked on SYMC in Chicago!!! Let me back up…So a few weeks back i entered a contest to try to win a Sack Chair for out youth room. The contest was in so many words, why does your youth group deserve a Sack Chair? Today I was listening the team on the live PDYM podcast when they announced the winner and runner-up . I had no idea that they were going to do this on the show today. To my surprise my name was read, I won a FREE ticket to the conference!!

Shortly after I was offered a place to stay! Now I am trying to get there. Praying that someone has mileage that they need to use. Tickets are running about $350 with one bag to Chicago O’Hare. Praying my tax return gets processed super quick!!!

Oh I almost forgot!! I also won a leopard print Snuggie… you know your jealous!


One Response to “I WON!!!! Now I could use some help?”

  1. Dennis Beckner February 5, 2010 at 3:01 AM #

    Good luck. I’m super stoked you’re going to be there!

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