The Magnetic Kingdom- Fusion Rewind

4 Feb

Series: Magnetic

Sermon Title: Magnetic Kingdom

Sermon in a Sentence: Being a Christian isn’t just about the hope in the future, but the hope of right now!

Bible Verses Use: Mark 1, Mark 8

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 2 out of 10

OV Attendance: 57 Guests: Saves: 3 Re-dedications: 3

CR Attendance: 33 Guests: 5 Saves: 1

Element of Fun: Paper airplane war

Understandable Message: Are you willing to let Jesus ruin your life, in the best way possible? Pick up your cross and follow me…What are you willing to give up to follow Jesus? If you had to, would you be willing to lose your best friend, your family, your reputation, or your life? Following Jesus is about total surrender, giving it all for Him. It’s not just a ticket into heaven someday, its being able to impact the kingdom today! My kids ruined my life. Before they were born, my wife and I could sleep in, stay up late, we were able to be spontaneous.  Then our children came along. Diapers, sicknesses, homework, interruptions, lack of privacy, and schedules. I traded in the good life, for the incredible life! Priorities changes, and so did my life. I don’t regret it at all!!! They ruined my life in the best way possible. Jesus wants to do the same in your life. Take the life you thought was good, and trade it in for the incredible life!

Grade: A

Music Playlist: Blessed be Your Name, No one Like You, Sing Sing Sing

Favorite Moment: The laughter tonight was awesome, the energy in the room, and the Holy Spirit pulling on hearts!

Final Thought: Will you allow Jesus to ruin your life in the best way possible?


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