Do You Fund-Raise? Would love to hear from you!

2 Feb

Would love to hear from youth leaders!!!

Do you fund-raise? If not, why?
How often do you fund-raise?
Is it specific (Camp, Conferences, etc)?
How does it look in your youth ministry?

    Wanting some input!!!


    10 Responses to “Do You Fund-Raise? Would love to hear from you!”

    1. Mike Hammer February 2, 2010 at 2:57 AM #

      We do numerous fundraisers. We do group fundraising events as well as individual sales. Some of our more successful fundraisers: Christmas Bazaar (like a flea market) on the first Saturday of December, a Golf tournament in May, and Student stocks. We also do hoagie sales and items like that. This summer we have a big international youth convention, so we do a fundraiser a month. Especially coming from a rural setting, we seem to have to do quite a bit in order to get them there.

    2. Nick February 2, 2010 at 1:47 PM #

      As a former youth pastor we would only do fundraisers that were of service to the people.
      We would not do the overpriced pizza kits, cookie dough, etc.
      One of the churches where I served was right next door to a High School, so when they needed additional parking we would sell parking passes for students to park during the day and at big football games we would offer parking for donations to the student ministry.
      Other things would include dinners, rent-a-student, car washes (although those can be overdone), yard sales, etc.
      Overall however, we would do our very best to keep them at a minimum.

      As a pastor now. I desire to have a church that believes in the vision of the church & its ministries to the place where our student ministry and children’s ministry can keep fund raising very low, if at all.
      I want our ministries to be funded to the place where they can provide assistance on things like camp and retreats, so they overall cost is much lower to the families.

      If we have to do any fund raising, we would want it to be 1-2 times per year at a maximum.

    3. johngaray February 2, 2010 at 2:59 PM #

      In order to raise funds for conferences (dare2share) and youth camps we usually fundraise. However, this year I saw many of the students jumping up to raise money on their own. I saw students making cookies and selling them, some cleaned yards, some babysat. etc, When I saw this motivation, it made me feel much more at ease because that means that I can put my energy into ministry instead of raising funds.
      However if you do need to fundraise, I too suggest only two LARGE fundraisers per year. Our largest fundraiser that has become a yearly thing for us is a Gala and Silent Auction. We provide hor’douvres, sparkling cider, a chocolate fountain, a DJ, a live band, a magician, etc., childcare (for a fee), we have our students wait on and buss the tables, and we have a silent auction.
      It ends up being a very fun night. but it’s alot of work.

    4. Becky February 2, 2010 at 3:36 PM #

      We do not fundraise currently, at least not as a group. We do encourage our students to write fundraising letters for larger expenses like mission trips–we feel it creates more ownership and responsibility.

      We never do fundraisers within the church, as we want first and foremost for our congregation to be obedient to God’s command to tithe, and want to give them no excuse to say “Well, I bought cookie dough, so I’m good for this month.” Our church doesn’t do building campaigns–we trust that if people are obedient to tithe that we can do all we need and then some. It’s been amazing to see God’s blessing–we’ve never been hindered financially.

      We know what we’re called to do and we keep it very simple. Anything that doesn’t specifically align with our vision, we don’t do (including fundraisers). That’s our litmus test, and it’s been very successful.

    5. Brian Seidel February 2, 2010 at 4:19 PM #

      We only do fundraisers for 1 trip a year, our Sr. high mission trip or International Youth Convention, and that is to help individual students raise their own accounts. We use budget money to supplement and/or pay for leaders to go. So the fundraisers we do are split between the students that do the work. It is all completely optional, and we only do 3 or 4 good ones a year. Our most successful one is hire-a-youth. People call me with a job they need help with (mostly yard work type stuff), I coordinate and send students to go work, then they donate directly into the students accounts once the work is done. We also do a dinner, movie, and silent auction. we get (almost) everything donated, so we make a ton of money in one night. We pretty much only do things that are 90 to 100% profit, which means the 20% cookie dough and such like that we just don’t do.

    6. Jim Clark February 2, 2010 at 4:19 PM #

      We do some fundraisers.

      Currently we only fundraise for our spring break missions trip for our high school ministry to the Dominican Republic. We do both individual and group fundraisers. But like Nick, we try to do fundraisers that help people out rather than just trying to sell something.

      In terms of individual fundraisers we do things like “rent-a-kid,” personal support letters and we sell pecans (which are priced competitively with what you can buy in the store). In terms of group fundraisers, we will do dinners (just did a Chili Dinner Friday night for our trip). This dinner also doubled as a church fellowship event.

      At my church, only the student ministry is allowed to do fundraisers. They do that so that we aren’t doing fundraisers all the time and not just anyone can walk in and do one. But we tend to keep our fundraisers pretty limited to missions trips and big events that happen that need more funds an individual could come up with on their own.


    7. mattmcgill February 2, 2010 at 4:23 PM #


      Posting cause I was asked….I’m a bit rushed for time right now… i may be unclear, and i didn’t read the comments above…I’m sure great stuff has already been said, so I’m sorry if I duplicate…

      (all those disclaimers sound like I don’t have any TEETH to my opinions… HA!)

      We don’t fund raise at Saddleback, so we’ve never done any fundraising with High School Ministry. the thinking behind this is simple: let one ministry fund raise, then they all will…and then no one will tithe….

      (yea, that’s a little too definitive with the “all” and the “no one” but you get the point….)

      If I were at another church, and I didn’t have enough money in my budget, then I’d fund raise.

      “enough money” is a tough one, I know … “but I could do so much more with more.” … not going to comment about that…

      Actually, Id try to find someone to fund raise…I’m the worst salesman in the world… yea, fund raising isn’t sales… but it is… there’s nothing wrong with sales people (not something with all of them, I’m sure there are a couple who a weak in every way that matters) I’m not a promoter…

      I’d learn what others are doing (like you are) and put together my own plan…

      I wouldn’t have an on going fundraising … and I wouldn’t have it be vague and generalized… “student scholarships” would be as general as I’d get … I’d focus on raising money for service stuff, rather than equipping stuff …

      I’m more of an equipper (is that a word) … so I wouldn’t raise money for something that I could do… (I’m not saying I could communicate as good as greg steir and dare2share … that’s for sure!) …

      I think the integrity tension is best described with this: do you raise money for what you need, or do you raise money for what people will give to?

      I’m not suggesting there’s an absolute answer by framing it that way…

      if you can raise money, and you feel it’s right (convictions is what I mean by feel) and you do a horrible job, you’re limiting your influence, empowering your students, meeting needs, challenging people to grow by giving….

      if you only raise money for what people will give to, then you’re lacking a conviction in what God’s calling your ministry to do… you’d have an agenda that’s set by the whims of the people…

      If I were at a church that allowed it, I’d raise money…I’d do it prayerfully and as an expression of my convictions…

      lemme know if any of this is unclear …


    8. Ben McClary February 2, 2010 at 4:48 PM #

      I am philosophically against fund-raising. If the Body of Christ tithed, as it should, not only would there never be ANY reason to fund-raise to support ministries within the church walls, we would be overflowing with funds to the degree that we would be feeding the sick, clothing the naked, curing the sick, etc., etc.

      But the ugly fact is that most of the Body of Christ is being disobedient to Jesus’ instructions on tithing. So we are left short-funded. Even so, I agree with the slippery slope fear that McGill expresses–if one ministry fund-raises, they all will, and the problem of the church failing to tithe will only be exacerbated.

      That being said, I break my own conviction about that once a year–to send high school students on a mission trip. For camps and other activities that we want to do with students, we simply put the plea out to the congregation, “There are several students who would like to go on this trip, but whose families’ finances won’t allow them to. If you feel so led, would you consider sponsoring their way to go?” and we leave it at that. Between those generous extra gifts that individuals and families give and the budget that we have already established, we make a way for all those who genuinely need the help.

      Our students can make money at church, though, by doing childcare for various groups’ activities in the building, so there are avenues where we can also help them raise the money they need, but those require the students to be self-motivated and servant-hearted–things we want them to learn, anyway.

    9. Joel Snyder February 2, 2010 at 7:25 PM #

      Fund raisers are not encouraged here. I like what Matt and Ben commented and our church’s philosophy is exactly what the have written. However, we don’t have many ture “tithers” here either which means I have to find creative ways to help kids out.

      Sometimes I wish we could fund raise. 1, I think working together for a specific task can be good. 2. It gives the kids a sense of accomplishment. 3. It would take less money away from other ministries.

    10. Donna Zehring February 4, 2010 at 2:53 PM #

      I don’t think fundraising should happen but since I had to do it, I did all things that were service oriented and fun. Yard sale, babysitting day, flamingoing and the one thing that I wanted to always do was a dessert silent auction. Youth pastor friends of mine did and raised enough money to be their whole budget for the year. over $10,000. Its a tax write off for those that donate and it takes a lot of planning year round but so worth it! I am 100% against car washes. Why? Girls in wet clothes standing on a street corners trying to get cars to come in and guys without shirts doing the same thing. It makes me mad that people would allow there students to entice that way!

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