What Not to Bring… Funny Stuff by Andy Disher

31 Jan

From Andy Disher

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What Not to Bring…

In less than a month, I’ll be jumping on a plane, and flying 45 mins to beautiful, freezing cold Chicago.  (Who goes to Chicago in February??  Only Youth Workers.)  — If the weather isn’t good, at least the food will be.  In a previous post I shared a friends advice on what to bring to the conference.  I thought I would add my take on what NOT to bring to the conference..

Take it serious or not.. either way, I got a good laugh as I was writing this.. (Yes, sometimes, I laugh at myself.)

*  A Fanny Pack: Yes, it has a strange name… and even a stranger use.  A fanny pack is really quite useless.  Perhaps a Pack mule would be more beneficial.  Think of all the swag, extra clothes, water bottles, and Group resources you can carry!!  Yes, definitely a pack mule.  It’ll be hard to get through the airport.. but worth it.

* Inappropriate Clothing: Now, I understand we’ll be in a hotel for the majority of the time (unless you’re looking to venture out for some “Chicago Experience”)… but bringing ONLY shorts and t-shirts is just …ridiculous.  And let’s not even venture into the territory of Speedo’s.  That’s just wrong.

* Witnessing Tracks: This may be just an assumption – but, I’m willing to guess that since this is a Youth Ministry Conference, that the majority of individuals attending are followers of the Christian faith.  That being said, there is no need to bring any information about your personal philosophy or theology.  Plus, Soapboxes are bulky and hard to carry around…

* A Sour Face: You’d be surprised how many people go to a conference wanting to share with the world all their troubles.  They walk around with slumped shoulders, frowns and shoving people out of the way.  Now, I can understand we all go through rough times.. but SYMC is a time for fun, laughter, and joy!  Yes, it’s been said that it’s like a “Family Reunion.”  But have no fear.  Your crazy aunt that wear too much makeup won’t be there!  So come with a great attitude… and come expecting to meet new people, and build new friendship! And hugs.. get ready for hugs.

* “Your Stuff.” Don’t bring any CD’s you’ve made, any songs you’ve written, any books you want published.  This is your time to receive.  This is your time to soak it in.  Don’t go out of your way to make yourself “known.”  DO bring business cards / contact info.. that is a for sure.  That way, the people that you meet will remember you from the business card.. and they’ll actually keep it.

* Weapons: Not only will it be hard to get through the airport..(if you’re flying in).. but we’re all about love and acceptance.  Threatening someone to accept you with a weapon (of any nature) in their face, just won’t work.  Trust me.  That being said, anything can be used as a weapon, I suppose.  Cut your toenails before you come to Chicago.

* Lastly.. Students.  (** This last one is my opinion.  In no way does SYMC say not to bring students.  Again, this is MY opinion.**) Yes, this conference is a “youth” ministry conference.  That doesn’t mean bring your students.  This is for YOU! (You.. being a youth worker of any nature.)  Leaders, bring your volunteers.  Volunteers, bring your leaders.  Come with an open mind, open heart, and leave your work/ministry at the church.  Don’t communicate with them, don’t call/text/call/skype/write letters/walk home.. anything.  This is your time to rest, relax, receive, grow, learn, love and .. well… be you!

Come expecting, come anticipating.. and come ready to have a BLAST!

Bottom line??  Simply Youth Ministry Conference is simply… a time for you!


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