Dear Pastor, It’s Worth It!- Perry Noble

26 Jan

Great post from Perry Noble, I have asked this question before, and I agree whole heartedly with Perry!

Every pastor I know has, at one point, wrestled with the question, “Is THIS really worth it?”

I will admit that I’ve had that thought more than once in my ten year journey as the pastor of NewSpring Church.  There are days when I feel like I can conquer the world…and then there are others where I feel the world has conquered me.

If you are a pastor then I know you’ve been there…

  • You feel like the sermon was horrible.
  • You had a staff member go south on you.
  • You lose sleep at night while you wrestle through a decision.
  • People lie about you (or tell half truths, same thing really!)
  • The critics take shots at you.
  • The level of spiritual warfare in your life increases.
  • You feel inadequate to do the job most days.
  • You experience being lonely on a level that very few people can understand.

I could go on and on…but you get the point.

In the past 10 years in being the pastor of this church I’ve experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  AND…yes, I have caught myself asking the question many times, “Is it really worth all of this?”

To read more of this post check out Perry Nobles Blog Here


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