father Son day

25 Jan

Today Tanner went to the office with me for day. He had a great time in our new youth chair playing video games, and watching movies. He really was a piece of cake! As you can see he is worn out!

I had the chance to meet with a couple of girls today, one of who was raised Catholic, and is trying to figure out what she really believes. After some tough questions, some great conversation, I got to use my son as a visual aide. I had Tanner come and sit in my lap. He crawled right up and snuggled up against me. I told the girls, this is what our relationship with God should look like. A child in Daddy’s arms, safe, secure, and in love. It’s not about some religion, a list of do’s and don’ts or being perfect. It’s not about having to go through someone else, or earning our way into the family. It’s about being able to sit on our Daddy’s lap. To have the relationship with God that He so desperately longs to have with us. It’s a free gift, we get to choose whether we accept it, or reject it.

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