Do You Have a GPS Unit? You Might Be a Target!

12 Jan

I am a huge fan of the CBS series Criminal Minds. I love trying to figure out who done it and how. In one episode, valets were parking cars at a highend country club, they would then use the GPS to locate the owners house, copy the garage door remote code, and then break in at their leisure. Knowing when the owners were at the club, and how long they tended to stay.

Evidently I am not the only one who enjoys the show. On the way in to the office today I learned that thieves have been using GPS unit in cars to break in to your home!

Here is how it works: Thieves break into cars with GPS units mounted on the dash board or the windshield. Generally nicer cars(nice car equals nice home with nice stuff in it) Using the “Home” function, they can easily be guided to your home. Most of us have garage door openers. The thief steals it, or copies the code, and now has an easier time breaking in.

Who says you cant learn anything from watching TV shows!?

Here is how to protect yourself against this kind of crime:

  • Hide, cover, bring with you, your GPS system when you leave your car.
  • If you use the “Home” function, use a location near your house, not the actual address.
  • Use the “Lock Out” feature on your GPS to secure it
  • When leaving your car keys with anyone (mechanic, valet, etc.) Take your house key off the key ring. It takes only a few minutes to duplicate a key.

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