Leaders and Attitudes

5 Jan

Title: Leaders Attitudes- Jeff Love

Scripture: Numbers 11:1-15
  I have found myself in this very place from time to time. I get a sour attitude, and it trickles down hill. Pretty soon my leaders, students, and even my family have been pulled into my pity party. All because I had a complaining attitude instead of a concerned attitude. 
  It’s the old story of Dad has a bad day at work, comes home and yells at Mom, she yells at the kid, the kid kicks the cat, the cat scratches the baby. Pretty soon everyone around you is miserable.
  As leaders we have a responsibility to those around us, and to have the right attitude. This year I plan to complain less and care more. I need help with this one God.

Our Role as Leaders:

  1. Be Part of the SOLUTION
  2. Not Part of the PROBLEM
A Complaining Attitude:
  1. Is a CONTAGIOUS attitude
  2. Has selective MEMORY
  3. Is NOT satisfied with what’s AVAILABLE
  4. Want’s to be HEARD BY OTHERS

  5. It can cause leaders to SIN
  6. Has SELF Centered ROOTS
  7. Will bring the WRATH of GOD
The difference between concern and complaining:
  1. Concern expresses to the right person and LEAVES IT
  2. Complaining expresses to everyone and NEVER LEAVES IT

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