Fusion Christmas Rewind

17 Dec

Last night we had our first Fusion Christmas party. 75-85 (we couldn’t get an accurate count with all the sugar/caffeinated bodies running around) enjoyed sweets, soda, and a nacho bar. The evening started out with a Killball Tournament Students created their teams, and team names, and competed in a single elimination tournament where the winners got…you guessed it….candy. It was such a success that we will be hosting a full blown tournament in the first quarter next year. The winning team will be awarded a trophy that will remain in their possession until they are ousted in a future tournament. Much like the Stanley Cup. More on that soon!

The Halo Tournament had 16 contestants, with the finals ending in a DRAW!! WHAT!? The two finalists Josh and Max will settle the score at a later date.

Kajabi finished up our night, a crowd favorite! Not sure what Kajabi is? CHECK IT OUT

Special thanks to: Laurie, Sherry, Jayne, Roni, Kadi, Haley, Jeremy, Chris, Jon, Ty and everyone else who made the night a HUGE success!!! What an awesome team!


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