KILLBALL Rules for Fusion

14 Dec


6 Players must fill the Killball court or it is a disqualification.
You can have a maximum of 8 players on your roster. NOTE: You can have a leader on your team, but he counts as the 8th player.


Brick area ONLY! If you hit the concrete you are disqualified!
1 line separates each team that is playing each other

a) When a live ball hits two players, the first person to get hit is out, but the second person is not out.
b) If at anytime a live ball hits the ground it is considered a dead ball. So if the ball hits the ground first before hitting a player they are NOT out.
c) If at any time a body part touches the ground past the middle line you are out. However, if there is a ball that is reachable you are allowed to get it as long as you don’t touch the ground. Also see THE OPENING RUSH about crossing middle line.

a) When a person catches a live ball thrown at them, someone from their team may re-enter.
b) If a live ball hits one player and falls into the hands of another you are safe, that does not constitute as an out for anyone. Everyone, including the player who threw the ball, is safe.

a) The only time you are allowed to leave the playing court is when you are retrieving a ball. If you are trying to dodge a ball and you jump out of bounds YOU ARE OUT!!!
b) If you are out you must be behind the bricked area or you team will get a Yellow Card as a warning. If you receive a Red Card the other team may choose one player from your team to come out and start at the end of the line.

a) A person must be touching the wall either with a hand or a foot. If at the blow of the whistle you are not touching the wall you are automatically out.
b) The only time you are allow to cross the middle line is at the opening rush for a ball and you’re fighting for a ball.

BALL HOLDING RULE (Using a ball for protection and ways to get OUT)
a) You may use a ball to block other balls being thrown at you. However, if at any time a thrown ball knocks the ball you are holding out of your hands, you are out. NOTE: The fingers on a ball are part of the ball, but the back of the hand and the wrist on are not. So if you get hit in the fingers first you’re still in, but if you get hit in the back of the hand or on the wrist you are OUT.
b) Once a live ball hits another ball in an opponent’s hand it becomes a dead ball. So if the ball is caught after hitting a protecting ball no one is out or if the ball hits a person after a protecting ball no one is out.
c) If a live ball hits a player at any time before it hits a ball first the player is out.
d) Sneak attacks are allowed as long as the player remains in the field of play.
e) If the game is stalled and a Ref warns you to throw the ball and you hold for longer than 5 seconds, for the rest of game you are not allow to throw until you catch 2 live balls.

There will be 8 chairs on each side of the head ref. If you are out, you must sit in the order that you got out, so you may re-enter when it is your turn. Next in line must sit closest to the ref.

a) The order that you get out is the order you get back in.
b) The only way for someone on your team to re-enter into the game is if someone on your team catches a ball on your team.
– It cannot come off the wall
– It cannot come off a ball
– It cannot touch anything in between the catcher. If a live ball hits the first initial contact person and he bobbles and pulls it in without hitting anything or anything you can come back in.

NOTE: You have 3 seconds to re-enter or you stay out, only now you are in the back of the line. Once you enter play in bounds you are a LIVE Player.

If there is one person left on your team and he catches a live ball, your whole TEAM COMES BACK IN!!!

a) Don’t be Jerks
b) Avoid Head Shots
c) If at any time you are caught cheating you and your team will forfeit that game.
d) No abusive language
e) The ref is making judgment calls and if you don’t like the calls, GET OVER IT, or they can just kick you out and off your team.


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