I Used to Rule the World

4 Dec

Weekend Teaching Series: I Used to Rule the World

Sermon Title: I Used to Rule the World

Sermon in a Sentence: By putting our trust in God, we are stating that we no longer rule the world. That He rules.

Bible Verses Use: Matthew 2, John 6:32, John 6:47-52

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 5 out of 10

Attendance: 41- 3 new

Service Length: 90min

Understandable Message: Tonight was a tough night. Just seamed to be one of those flat nights, where everyone’s energy was low. The message was based around the fact that when Jesus was born, people were a bit freaked out. A new King? Matthew 2:3 Not only Herod was worried about what a new King’s intentions were, but all of Jerusalem was. Jesus says He is the bread of life, a reference to the manna that God provided the Jews during their flee from Egypt. God provided, and they lived. Jesus uses that to to remind them of who is in control.


Element of Fun: Used the Viva La Vida song as an intro, and played baseball with pickles! Messy, but fun. Students ran sound and video.

Final Thought: What in my life do I control, that I should give to God?

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