Vacation Blog

26 Nov

Our California vacation has been awesome so far,
had dinner with my sister and nieces at Wing Stop, and  have been spending time with my parents and
family. We went to Disneyland yesterday thanks largely in part to free park passes from an Alive family! What a blessing. It’s so much fun to share in my kids experiences at the magic kingdom. One bummer is that the characters don’t wander the park anymore! They have areas, and times that they are available!! We saw only Jessie from Toy Story, and that’s it!
It was crazy busy yesterday, but we made it until closing at midnight. Among the favorite rides: Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pirates, Buzz Lightyear, and the new Submarine ride. Yes the submarine ride is back, with a Finding Nemo theme. So cool to see the effects that they pull of in this ride. It was like watching a movie underwater with the major characters and scenes from the movie.
Woke up early this morning to start prepping for the Thanksgiving feast. Turkey and stuffing were on my list, and with the assistance of Ryan, the bird is cooking as I write this….smells so good!! My sisters, should be over around 3pm to feast and have some fun. Rumor has it there is some kind of a dress-up fashion show that will be happening, and they have an outfit for me!?!


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