Making the Right Promises to Keep

22 Nov

Weekend Teaching Series: Busyness Week 3

Sermon Title: Making the Right Promises to Keep

Sermon in a Sentence: If we make a promise we need to honor it

Bible Verses Use: Matthew 5:37

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 5 out of 10

Attendance: 41

Service Length: 60min

Understandable Message: Cross my heart hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. We have all heard and probably used this at one time or another. The words “I swear” create conviction in our promises, as to say I am telling you the truth. In our busyness we can be stretched, we can over commit ourselves. This can lead to us breaking our promises, and possibly damaging relationships, or hurting those we care about. When you promise something to someone, keep your promise.

Grade: B

Final Thought: Before I make a promise, do I intend to keep it?

Notes: CLICK HERE to download notes


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