Weekend Rewind- Busyness- Week 1

9 Nov

Weekend Teaching Series: Busyness

Sermon Title: Keeps us from Growing in Christ

Sermon in a Sentence: At what expense does our busyness effect our lives?

Bible Verses Use: Luke 8:4-15

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 4 out of 10

Attendance: 34

Service Length: 60min

Understandable Message: Our lives are busy. Filled with things we have to do, and things we choose to do. How does this effect our relationships with God and others? How does it effect our mental, physical, and emotional well being? I challenged the students to write out their priorities in life, and then to check them against what their daily schedule looks like. To make changes to their schedule to reflect what they say they hold most valuable. In life we can get so busy that what we hold most valuable, can get pushed aside in the craziness of life. Maybe it’s time to reorganize, and re-prioritize our lives. Trim, or get ride of things that take time away from what matters most.

We spent some time in Luke 8:4-15, I asked the question,”What kind of soil are you?” I think many of us can fall into the third soil, the thorny soil, that we get choked out by life’s busyness. Do we put things before God? Are there time, maybe too often, that at the end of the day we realize we didn’t spend any time with our Father? Worries, riches, and pleasures can supersede our relationship with God if we aren’t careful. They can creep in slowly, like weeds, and before long can choke our spiritual lives. It’s time to look at our garden, find those weeds, and get rid of them!

Grade: B

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Played a game showing how our lives can quickly become a juggling act.

Final Thought: What kind of soil are you? Are there areas, or weeds, that you need to trim or get rid of in your life to have the relationships that you desire?

Notes: CLICK HERE to download notes


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