Greg Stier- an 80’s Rockstar?

2 Nov

Wow I feel so honored! Lol I posted a video from 80’s band Depeche Mode on Facebook, and mentioned how much the leader singer looks like Greg (see photo above) Greg had a laugh and wrote back on Facebook. Then I started to get emails about being mentioned in his blog, check it out lol. If you don’t follow Greg’s blog, you should….right now, go to his blog, and sign up…what are you still doing reading this!?

Greg has some really insightful stuff, as well as stories from his life and from his heart. If you are a youth leader, and have not been to a Dare2Share Conference, it is life changing for your students, and for you. Check out the Dare2Share website.

Parents and Students you can sign up for weekly emails called Soul Fuel-Soul Fuel teaches, trains and equips teens for the mission of sharing the gospel. This weekly resource teaches biblical truth in an engaging, teen-friendly style through movies, music, TV and trends. The Soul Fuel archives are organized by 30 key questions about some of the core truths of Christianity”– Dare 2 Share.

Greg is an awesome warrior for Jesus, I only wish I had half the energy this guy does.

Check out Greg’s Blog


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