All My Belongings- Week 5

1 Nov


Weekend Teaching Series: All My Belongings

Sermon Title: Belonging to the World

Sermon in a Sentence: We belong to God why play it safe?

Bible Verses Use: John 17:13-19, Luke 10:1-3, John 17:20-23

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 4 out of 10

Attendance: 34 Sunday service only

Service Length: 60min

Understandable Message: Talked about why we don’t take chances. How we tend to stay in our “safe zone” in groups at school , and more importantly, in our faith. This wrapped up our 5 week series. It went well with our midweek Scarred series.

Grade: B

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Jayne taught JHM and I taught HSM.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Jayne played a game called stuff. 2 liter bottles stuffed marshmallows, re-fried beans, wet noodles, oat meal, and worst of all sardines! Made the room smell nasty…sorry Vivo Kids…had a blast though.

Final Thought: What lines do you need to cross? Where are you playing it safe in your faith?

Notes: CLICK HERE to download notes


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