John 6- What I needed

14 Oct

John 6 was just what I needed today. I love a couple of things about this chapter, one is the fact that Jesus withdrew from the crowds. John 6:15 It’s a constant reminder that we need to withdraw from the daily grind. To be able to get away from our “jobs” even if we love what we do. Even Jesus withdrew.

Jesus in John 6:26 says that many came just to be fed. In my mind, the word fed was replaced by entertain. Many students come, to be entertained, they don’t come to hear God’s word. I love it that non believing students attend our programs. Unfortunately what I find myself doing, is starting to focus more on the ones who just want to eat, and less on those who want the bread of life. Finding the right balance is tough. I have been challenged with what can we change to get students to want to bring their friends? The better question, is should we change? Students are coming to Christ, we are seeing some new faces, growth(spiritually) is happening, and students are assuming ministry roles.

Definitely will be praying and seeking counsel as to how to proceed. As of this moment, I think Jesus looks at our group, and smiles. He loves the way we are, but loves us too much to let us stay where we are…


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