4 Responses When a Student Shares a Need

10 Oct

Written By Josh Griffin

When a student in your small group opens up and shares a secret or a sin, for many leaders there’s an instant tendency to freak out or respond negatively. Here’s 4 quick actions to take (adapted from some HSM training stuff) when you first hear the news:

Calm Down
Don’t panic – set aside your own feelings and and shock and try to make some clear-headed judgments. Stay calm … you can do this. In a weird way, this is what you

Be There
Don’t let a confession spur you to leave this person behind – unintentionally on accident or intentionally because you’re not sure how to handle it. Make sure you follow-up with the student as soon as possible, they will regret sharing their secret with you and second guess opening up to you in the future.

For the rest visit Josh’s site http://morethandodgeball.com


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