Alive’s Impact on Me- An Email from a Student

9 Oct

Got an email from a student today, that really made my week. This is what its all about, life change! I am so grateful and humbled that God could you me like He does. Here is the email in its entirety, I hope it serves as an inspiration to you too.

Hey, so before I went to Alive, I was actually Wiccan. And, I was Wiccan for a while. But, the more that I went to your Youth Group, I began to truly see what God has in hand for me. You see when your a Wiccan, you don’t really have anyone to go to, to pray to, and there’s really nothing to look forward to. All you do is witchcraft and I was sick of being mocked for it. People would run by me in the hallways and spit at me or pull my hair. Well, I was able to surprise them in the best way ever. I told them that I was a follower of Christ and that Jesus died for me, and that what they were doing was useless to me. So, through your teachings I have come to follow Christ, and see my true potential. I was so scared to admit it though, sense it’s a Christian church and I was into witchcraft. But, somehow, in some crazy way, you and the rest of Alive Church made me realize that I actually do have potential to be myself. So, Thank You.


One Response to “Alive’s Impact on Me- An Email from a Student”

  1. rockinnalive October 10, 2009 at 10:04 AM #

    Oh Man, Talk about tears in my eyes. Those are the Gems that we work for!

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