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8 Oct

Many of you have been asking about tools I use in youth ministry. Here are 10 that I really depend on. Check them out, I hope that these will help your youth ministry too! If you have others that you cant live with out, share in the comments section!

1. DropBox great for sharing files, and its free!!!
2. upload video and add to your website.
3. TokBox send video messages to your team, or have an online meeting with chat/video.
4. Simply Text great tool to send messages to groups via text messaging.
5. GotQuestions Type in what you are looking for and find a wealth of information that is backed up by scripture.
6. Blogger great way to communicate with the masses.
7. Simply Youth Ministry tools for youth workers.
8. Twitter Very short blogging via cell phone or computer. Love this!
9. Facebook If you don’t have this, welcome to the 20th century.
10. Google Calendar and Email Share a calendar with your team/family/students who ever! Give others permission to add or change events on the calendar, or just view. Email can import from your regular email, share documents loaded on the server, chat and so much more. Get yourself and your team on Google today!!!


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