Labels- Week 1

8 Oct

Weekend Teaching Series: Labels

Sermon Title: How we label others

Sermon in a Sentence: How do we label others, and what happen when labels become

Bible Verses Used: Genesis 1:27, Luke 10:30-37, Ephesians 4:31

Weekend Scale of Difficulty: 7 out of 10

Attendance: 48

Service Length: 90min

Understandable Message: Tonight we took a look at how we label people. We take a thin slice, or a first impression and create or build out an entire character or personality for someone. Maybe the way someone dresses, how their hair looks, or what they drive. Labels in themselves may not seem like bad things. Some labels I would put on myself are Husband, Father, friend, and leader. Not bad things, but we can also label people in a negative way. When our thin slices turn into racism, stereotyping, and profiling it can get dangerous. Shortly after 9/11 many of us began to see anyone of middle eastern decent as potential terrorists. You could see it everywhere, through looks, or lack of them. A thin slice; someone who is of middle eastern decent…became a profile turned into; racism, they might be a terrorist.The Bible talks a lot about labeling people, and Jesus shares a story about the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:30-37. How people we would give “good labels” to, pastor and a priest, did nothing for this beaten man. Someone who was considered a second or even third class citizen, a Samaritan, is the unlikely hero. Jesus used this story to show us that the labels we put on people can be drastically wrong. When we label people, we cheapen God’s creation. He created mankind in His image. When we label people, we cheapen them, and devalue them. God created us, He values us, and when we label people we are in a sense devaluing God.

Grade: C+

Volunteer/Student Involvement: Jeremy and Ryan on the board, Kadi and Roni at check in.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Students formed a circle holding hand and facing inwards to show a negative clique. Had them face outward leaving a gap (no hands between two students) showing that looking out to find someone to fill the space. Negative cliques and what a positive clique should look like. We need to be looking for people to bring in.

Music Playlist: Music played on the iPod during the hang out time, no band tonight 😦

Favorite Moment: A student talked to me after about getting baptized, his Father lead him to the Lord last night!! So awesome!


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