Jurassic Park

8 Oct

Went down to our favorite little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Green Valley. Its a favorite, because the food is great, and very cheap!!! It’s also like having dinner and a show. Green Valley, for those of you who don’t know, is kind of a retirement community. Many of our snow birds flock there each year, and some have had their wings clipped, and stay grounded there year round. But I digress… It’s always a lot of fun to listen to the conversations of those who are more youthfully challenged. Most of the conversations center around 3 things. Politics, Medical who’s who and who has what, and reliving memories of years past. The latter is my favorite to listen to. My wife and I noticed that the older people get, the more that they revert to their childish ways. Here is what I mean; if someone shares a story, the others all jump in trying to out do the person with a story of their own. It’s quite comical really, they almost get mad at eachother! I love listening to their stories, I know, I know its not polite to eves drop…Don’t judge me, you do it too! Another quirky revert to childhood is that they get grumpy in the afternoon, and need to take naps. (The nap part I like! Maybe they are on to something or I am just getting old? Again don’t judge me, you wish you could take naps too!) As we sat and listened, I thought how great its going to be to grow old with my wife, hang out with our friends, and talk about all the adventures and blessings the God has given us.


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